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Sep 5, 2012 Comments Off on Power 99 FM Radio Interviews Solomon

Pictured left to right, Loraine Ballard Morrill, Anibal Velez, Brittany Spicer, Ahkeel Timothy, Chaya Cleveland and Solomon Jones.

Four Words on the Street winners were interviewed by Clear Channel News and Public Affairs Director Loraine Ballard Morrill at the Bala Cynwyd studios of Power 99 FM. They were: Anibal Velez of Fels High School,  Ahkeel Timothy of Mastery Charter/Shoemaker Campus, Brittany Spicer of Mastery Charter/Shoemaker Campus, and Chaya Cleveland of Randolph High School.

Brittany Spicer and Ahkeel Timothy share a laugh during their radio interview at Power 99 FM.

Each student read from his or her story and talked about their experience in the Words on the Street program. Student interviews are an important element of Words on the Street. The media attention acts as an incentive for students to put forth their best effort in writing their stories.Students meet and talk with real radio personalities as a result of the hard work that allowed them to win the writing competition, thus reinforcing that excelling academically is a viable route to success and recognition.